Turmeric Founder Marissa Bronfman's Startup Journey from Mumbai to Toronto

Marissa Bronfman

I’ll never forget sitting on the floor of the sprawling Mumbai airport, surrounded by giant suitcases overflowing with clothes, handbags, electronics - and honestly who knows what else – as Indian airport authorities and fellow passengers stopped and stared while I frantically tried unpacking and repacking my grossly overweight luggage to the shrill Hindi-speckled pronouncements of Air France desk agents telling me I was about to miss my flights to Toronto and the sound of my own ridiculous Hinglish demands that onlookers stop gawking at me.

It was one of those life-changing, out-of-body experiences where I didn't recognize myself but could see the absurd scene unfolding from above and said, ‘enough.’

Since then I’ve moved back to Toronto, become a Minimalist and launched Shot of Gold, an all-natural turmeric company that makes it convenient to enjoy the incredible anti-inflammatory benefits of this magic spice in anything and everything while on-the-go – thanks to our portable single-serving sachets – and that gives back to an inspiring group of schoolgirls in India with every single purchase and supports Indian farmers. Turmeric is truly one of the earth’s most extraordinary gifts; a daily dose of this potent powder helps boost our mood, reduces the anxieties of everyday life, builds immunity and fights inflammation caused by stress, pollution and illness. I believe a shot of turmeric a day is the key to healthier, happier, longer lives – and it’s so simple to add to the foods and beverages we already love and consume.

Not unlike Chloe standing in front of the gym mirror and resolving to make a change – and I’m sure like many women who are a part of the Healthy is Hot community – I needed an “aha” moment to better take care of my mental, physical and spiritual health – and to help others do the same.

After living in Bombay for six extraordinary years I knew it was time to come home and start a new business that would keep me connected to India and give back to India but not require me to live there every day. A business that I would be passionate about, with the potential for exponential scale and global distribution, with simple, beautiful and powerful products that would change people’s lives while respecting animals and the planet. I noticed that turmeric had become trendy in Toronto and other western cities like New York and Los Angeles but people I spoke to didn’t know how to use it, or where to find it, or tried cooking with it once and threw up their (yellow) hands in frustration because it stained everything from their fingers to their kitchen counters.

Shot of Gold sachets solve the problems of using and traveling with turmeric as it’s super simple and mess-free to open a sachet and add a dose to anything from your coffee, tea or smoothie to soups, salads and grain bowls. Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years to prevent and treat myriad ailments from upset stomachs, skin disorders, joint pain, wounds and even serious diseases. Experts often attribute India’s low rates of Alzheimer’s and cancers to the nation’s love for and use of turmeric in their diet and on their bodies. I’ve met dozens of people who have shared their stories of stopping medication for joint inflammation, blood clots, acne and more, replacing it with turmeric and reporting far better results than what was artificially created in laboratories by Big Pharma. I recently fractured both my ankles training for a marathon and I know my rapid recovery is thanks to all the turmeric I have every single day.

I’m so excited to be joining Healthy Is Hot as a contributor and sharing tips and tricks for how to enjoy turmeric in our new series, Turmeric Tuesdays. From delicious recipes you can whip up at home using a shot of one of our four Shot of Gold turmeric blends to tips to adding it to things you order from restaurants, cafes and coffee shops around town, not to mention how to use it on your skin without it resulting in golden-hued pillowcases (despite how pretty that sounds), Turmeric Tuesdays will be a fun weekly way for me to connect with you and I can’t wait to hear what you think and what more you’d like to learn about. The fact that today is World Environment Day makes this even more serendipitous, as Shot of Gold turmeric is all-natural, small batch, sustainable and supports Indian farmers and traditional ways of cultivating the land. Our turmeric is one of the simplest and greenest ways to improve your health and vitality.

Forget apples, a shot of turmeric a day is where it’s at. Thousands of years of ancient Indian wisdom can’t be wrong. Did I hear someone say turmeric popsicles? #futureisgolden



Turmeric Founder Marissa Bronfman's Startup Journey from India to Canada

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