Recipes and DIYs

  • Refreshing Turmeric Lemonade Recipe with Maple Syrup and Pink Himalayan Salt

    What better way to stay cool during soaring summer temperatures than with a tall glass of ice cold turmeric lemonade? Turmeric boosts immunity and fights inflammation. View Post
  • Healthy Vegan Cheeze Sauce Recipe with Turmeric

    This incredibly creamy and delicious cheezy sauce made me feel like I was cheating on my 30 Day Detox but – surprise, surprise – it’s actually super nutritious and oh-so-easy to make. I used to be a cheese addict (we’re talking breakfast, lunch, and dinner) but ever since I switched to a plant-b... View Post
  • DIY Turmeric and Honey Face Mask Recipe

    In the pursuit of that golden summer glow it’s all too common to go from pale and pasty to lobster red but with our Shot of Gold Turmeric and Honey Mask there’s an instant way to soothe your skin and battle the burn without having to look past your own kitchen cupboard.  When you catch too many ... View Post
  • DIY Turmeric Teeth Whitening Recipe

    It may same wildly counterintuitive to fill your mouth with a spice known to stain everything it touches and hope for pearly whites BUT this is in fact exactly what you need to do. Not only is this DIY teeth whitening recipe super simple, it’s completely natural and hardly costs a thing. In add... View Post



My name is Marissa and I am the founder of Shot of Gold and the creator of Women Supporting Women In Food. 

Moving forward, I am committed to ensuring we represent much greater BIPOC diversity in this series, which was born to champion female food entrepreneurs in Canada struggling with the effects of COVID-19.

I am listening, learning and doing the work. Please continue on this journey with me. 

Thank you!