DIY Turmeric and Honey Face Mask Recipe

Marissa Bronfman

In the pursuit of that golden summer glow it’s all too common to go from pale and pasty to lobster red but with our Shot of Gold Turmeric and Honey Mask there’s an instant way to soothe your skin and battle the burn without having to look past your own kitchen cupboard. 

When you catch too many of the sun’s ultra-violent rays your skin gets inflamed, often resulting in a pink or red patina that may be painful, itchy and/or swollen. The best course of action to avoid prolonged pain, redness and even peeling is to immediately calm and moisturize the skin with these all-natural ingredients that have been used topically for thousands of years. 

Our skin is actually our body’s largest organ and rapidly absorbs what we put on it – which is why it’s always so important to use natural ingredients. Turmeric is nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory and works just as well on the body as it does inside of it. Pure honey is incredibly moisturizing and bursting with antioxidants, which means its plumping up dehydrated skin as it fights sun damage. This two-ingredient mask is a super simple but mightily impressive way to look like bronzed, not burnt. Also, it’s delicious. (Just in case some ends up dripping into your mouth…)


  • 1 shot of Shot of Gold pure turmeric powder (find it here.) 
  • 3 tablespoons pure, small-batch honey (make sure to avoid cheap “honey” that’s adulterated. We like Dutchman’s Gold, a premium pure Canadian honey that can be found at healthy grocery stores. It’s also great to support local producers at your neighborhood farmers’ markets!)


  • Mix turmeric and honey until thoroughly combined and immediately apply to face – or any part of your body that’s burnt. 
  • Leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes. We suggest lying down in a cool room because the heat from your body – and the burn – will slowly make this paste soften. 
  • Using your fingertips and a gentle touch so as not to further irritate the burn, rinse off slowly with lukewarm water. 
  • Finish by splashing skin with very cold water and gently pat dry. 
  • Repeat as necessary!


  • Even gentle moisturizers can sting the skin when it’s burned. We recommend using pure aloe vera scraped from the inside of the aloe plant (available at select healthy grocery stores and select markets – Chinatown is great for this) or choose an all-natural aloe vera gel. Keep either in the fridge so that when you apply it, the gel is as cold and soothing as possible. 
  • Bump up the amount of turmeric in your diet to fight the inflammation on your skin from the inside out. Add it to coffee or tea, smoothies, soups, salads – anything you can think of. Shot of Gold has single-serving shots in four unique blends, both sweet and savory, to make it easy to add to all your foods and beverages. Shop our turmeric blends here.


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