DIY Turmeric and Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe

Marissa Bronfman

To keep skin fresh and glowing it’s important that we exfoliate at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells, detoxify and nourish. This Turmeric, Pink Salt, and Honey scrub can be whipped up in a flash with our single-serving shots of Turmeric and Pink Himalayan Salt.

Pink Himalayan salt is nothing like the white table salt found in most homes and kitchens, it’s the only salt in the world that contains 84 micro and trace minerals – including calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc – and is incredibly healthy. The finely ground salt in our Turmeric, Pink Salt, and Honey scrub is coarse enough to give the epidermis a good buffing but soft enough that it won’t result in any unnecessary inflammation or long-term skin damage that many drugstore brands can cause.

If you read and tried our soothing Turmeric and Honey face mask recipe from last week, you’ll know that both ingredients are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, meaning they are cleansing deeply while reducing redness, acne and the appearance of wrinkles and scars. When added to the turmeric and honey, our pink Himalayan salt kicks up this all-natural homemade skin care recipe up a notch, adding an extra powerful dose of detoxification and regeneration. While removing dirt, makeup and environmental toxins that we can’t see in the mirror, the salt is promoting circulation, fighting bacteria, infusing the skin with necessary minerals and revealing your healthiest skin.


-        1 shot of Shot of Gold Turmeric and Pink Himalayan Salt blend (shop it here.)

-        3 tablespoons pure, small-batch honey (make sure to avoid cheap “honey” that’s adulterated. We like Dutchman’s Gold, a premium pure Canadian honey that can be found at healthy grocery stores. It’s also great to support local producers in your neighborhood farmers’ markets!)


-        Mix our Shot of Gold Turmeric and Pink Himalayan Salt blend with honey until thoroughly combined and immediately apply to face – or any part of your body that’s burnt.

-        Apply scrub to face starting with the cheek area and in a circular, upwards motion with a farm touch exfoliate all part of the face for at least a minute and a half

-        Use a warm washcloth to slowly remove the scrub, paying attention to anything that could get left over in eyebrows on around the hairline

-        Finish by splashing skin with very cold water and gently pat dry. Do not use a facial cleanser, your skin will already be incredibly clean. A moisturizer likely won’t be necessary thanks to the honey but feel free to use something like afterward if your face feels dry (feeling tight is normal and desired!)

-        Repeat as necessary!


-        Apply the scrub to your whole face and let it sit on the skin for 15 minutes as a mask, letting the ingredients work their magic even longer.

-        Use this scrub in the bath or shower while you’re letting your conditioner sink in. Thanks to the hot water and steam your pores will be much more open than usual, allowing the turmeric, pink salt and honey to penetrate deeper and give you your most golden glow

Shop our turmeric blends here and let us know what you think of the mask and scrub on Instagram @myshotofgold!


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