Iced Turmeric Latte Recipe

Marissa Bronfman

Summer and scorching temperatures are almost upon us so what better time than this Turmeric Tuesday to get a few cooling recipes under your belt, like our refreshing Iced Turmeric Latte. With Father’s Day just a few sleeps away, we’ve got a few variations on this golden classic you can perfect before Sunday rolls around.

In addition to being supremely tasty, having dad consume turmeric helps him combat what many ageing men are plagued with: stiff joints, sore backs and a protruding mid-section. Chronic inflammation from stress, environment, food and injury only gets worse as we age and unfortunately, most men don’t talk about and focus on their health and wellness as much as women do. Turmeric is literally the world’s wonder spice, it goes to work fighting inflammation throughout the entire body and is credited with preventing and treating everything from joint and muscle pain, arthritis, heart disease, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression and so much more. (Read more about the power of turmeric in our first article here.)

Whether you’re celebrating your father, your husband, your brother – any special man in your life (or none for that matter!), our iced turmeric latte is one summertime staple that offers a delicious dose of flavor, hydration and anti-inflammatory goodness.

Shot of Gold Iced Turmeric Latte For Two


• 1 shot of pure Shot of Gold turmeric powder (get it via our e-store here). Simply open one sachet; no mess, no fuss.

• 2 cups of your favorite plant-based mylk beverage. We like cashew for its creaminess and almond for its protein (or mix both to get creamy vegan protein.) Oat mylk is a new favorite among the health-conscious who want to avoid nuts (though we’re crazy about them!)

• 1 cup of all-natural coconut water for extra hydration and electrolytes (which we lose when we’re sweating under the summer sun.)

• 2/3 cup organic, local honey. Support small companies that are helping preserve and grow the bee population! Bees are integral to all life on earth.

• 1/2 teaspoon ginger powder or a full teaspoon if you like the zing of this root spice (turmeric is a part of the ginger family, the Zingiberaceae.) You can also use fresh ginger juice if preferred (quick blend in a ninja/bullet at home and strain, or use a home juicer or buy freshly-pressed ginger juice from a healthy grocer or juice company like Greenhouse Juice or Village Juicery.)

• Pinch of black pepper. The piperine in the black pepper enhances your body’s ability to absorb the benefits of turmeric by 2000%! Even a tiny pinch packs a big punch.


1. Fill two large glasses with ice cubes, set aside

2. Combine all ingredients above in a blender and blend until all ingredients are completely mixed, about 10 seconds

3. Pour over ice, garnish with edible flowers and your fresh herb of choice (we like mint.) Enjoy!


I. Want that satisfying slush you get from a frappuccino without hundreds of unnecessary calories and chemically-processed sugars? Instead of pouring our Iced Turmeric Latte recipe over ice, blend it with ice! Hellooo healthy golden frap! You may want to adjust the amount of honey you use to match the additional h2o content.

II. Want to ensure Father’s Day is poppin’ this year? Turn our turmeric latte into turmeric popsicles! Instead of pouring over ice or blending with ice, pour into popsicle molds and freeze for a minimum of two hours. Consider adding the edible flowers and/or herbs for beautiful treats your pop will love. (Okay, okay. We’re done with the puns.)

We’d love to see your iced turmeric lattes and time with dad. Share a picture on Instagram and tag us @myshotofgold

 Want to make it easy for the men in your life to start incorporating turmeric into their diet? Gift them our single-serving, pre-portioned turmeric shots. They’re super easy to pop into a briefcase, gym bag and pocket. Find them here.


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