The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Turmeric

Marissa Bronfman

Whether you’re looking to boost your immunity, combat inflammation from exercising or even create a face mask for glowing skin, you want to choose a high-quality turmeric powder that’s certified organic.

While choosing certified organic fruits, vegetables, grains and spices is always advisable, there are some foods that you definitely want to ensure are certified organic, like turmeric. 

Why You Should Choose Organic Turmeric  

  1. Lead is found in many supplies of non-organic turmeric powder and is a neurotoxin. Read more from the Washington Post about lead levels and effects here.
  1. Fillers (and dyes) are often added to non-organic turmeric powder to create a lower price and can be a relatively harmless natural ingredient like rice flour or starch but is sometimes something more harmful. Not only would you be getting little or no benefits, you may actually be harming your health.
  1. Toxic fertilizers and pesticides are often used to grow non-organic turmeric root, and will show up in your turmeric powder. There is a huge amount of research and evidence that chemical fertilizers and pesticides cause myriad health problems, some very serious.

The turmeric we use for all of our Shot of Gold blends is 100% certified organic and certified fair-trade. We purchase our turmeric from a woman-owned company that supports regenerative agriculture and creates positive working conditioners for farmers and laborers. You’ll notice our turmeric has a deep, rich, orange-like color – that is a sign of truly beautiful, organic, high-quality turmeric.

We hope you’ll try adding our turmeric shots to all your food and drink this autumn season! Try adding a shot to your morning coffee and smoothie, a mid-day salad dressing or a hearty soup at dinnertime. Enjoy the incredible immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory benefits of our organic turmeric.

Turmeric + Pink Salt – try it in a soup!

Turmeric + Black Pepper – try it in a salad!

Turmeric + Jaggery – try it in a superfood smoothie!

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