Women Supporting Women

  • Women Supporting Women | Candra Reynolds of Wife of a Grocer and Summerhill Market

    If you are an entrepreneur, you know that you cannot build your business on your own. Creating lines of communication and opening doors for businesses to chat about doing things differently is something I feel is invaluable during this time of uncertainty.  When communication happens, things just move faster. Out of the box thinking and communication is everything. View Post
  • Women Supporting Women | Jenn Italiano of Live Organic

    My restaurant and production kitchen - all I’ve known for the past 19 years - stopped or changed in a matter of a few nights. I have never closed my restaurant for more than a day or two for the holidays. My staff all rely heavily on their jobs. Some of my staff have been with me for many years. It’s like a huge piece is missing from all of us. I fear the industry I have known and loved has changed forever. View Post
  • Women Supporting Women | Lisa Labute of The Goods

    The lack of predictability, the restaurant world is already unpredictable but there are things we come to expect like lunch rushes and catering orders. Those things are gone. I made myself sick trying to keep the business running and trying to hang onto my amazing team. Eventually I decided to close for a few days so I could gather myself. I needed to get quiet, clear my mind and I kept asking "What's the need, what do people need right now?" I know they need to eat healthy and more than ever they need our medicine, but how do I get it to them safely while also keeping the team and myself safe. It's a tricky situation.  View Post