Women Supporting Women | Healthy Intentions by Emily Green

Five years ago my engagement ended, and my life completely changed. In the years leading up to that point I had become a walking zombie. I had no idea who I was, and something was seriously missing in my life. Thankfully I had a strong gut instinct - an inner voice that wouldn't leave me alone. 

Since then I've been on a quest to live authentically and come back to who I really am. I've been to therapy, sowed wild oats, had good relationships and bad. The connection back to myself has come slowly through consistent hard work, like a small flower fighting through the dirt. Along the way I learned my most important lesson: your intentions dictate your life. The underlying reason you decide to do something will always show up in the results. I realized I had made most decisions in my life for a means to an end: money, acceptance, popularity. Since I was a kid I hadn't done a single thing simply to relish in what I was doing. Yet that's the real reason to do most things in this life - otherwise you're always checking your watch, watching the chips stack, comparing yourself to others. The proverbial hamster wheel.

Enter my partnership with Marissa and Shot of Gold

I'm a yoga teacher, and when I first became certified I felt pressure to build a "brand". Instead I started small, teaching classes at WeWork (my own office at the time) to get comfortable. It was scary, and sometimes only one person came to my classes. But I always checked in on my intention: why was I doing this? My answer was clear: because it brought me fulfillment and joy; I was creating serenity and calm among my students through movement and breath. I can quite literally see the tension falling out of their bodies as we move through class. It's amazing. As I kept teaching, more people joined and my classes are now a feature perk of WeWork Toronto. 

That's how I met Marissa. We instantly fell in "friendship love" realizing our interests and passions deeply aligned. And now we're working on a few exciting ventures together, which you can read about on Marissa's post here. At this point in my life I feel more fulfilled and excited about the future than I ever have before. 

I'm so thrilled to be a part of Women Supporting Women and make a positive impact in this difficult time of COVID-19.  

Before I go I wanted to share a few of my favourite female-founded businesses and how they're pivoting in whatever way they can in this difficult time:

  • Kula Yoga is now hosting online classes via Zoom for $10 each - sign up here. I know there's a lot of free fitness content online, but if you can support your locals it will make all the difference.
  • Mary Be via Ritual pick-ups. This is my favourite local cafe and I'm so thankful they've been able to stay open. I order nearly every day, and make sure I tip the full 20% for their amazing staff!
  • Knix - Joanna is a powerhouse, and a truly kind person. In the wake of COVID-19 her brand Knix has raised over $150,000 to support frontline medical workers. Visit their GoFundMe page & donate if you can!

Love & light,



3 Things Keeping Me Sane:

  1. Saje Rollers: soothing scents like peppermint and eucalyptus calm the nervous system. My yoga students love when I bring these to class. The "energy" scent is a personal favourite.
  2. Calm Meditation App: Meditation helps you feel more at ease in your skin. The "Self Care" series resonated particularly well with me.
  3. Daily Walks and FaceTime: Two ways to stay connected to people I love. A few favourite neighbourhoods of mine: The Beach, Evergreen Brickworks, Forest Hill. 




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