Womxn Supporting Womxn In Food | Brittany Charlton of Ohh! Foods

Marissa Bronfman

What's the status of your business? Did you have to pivot, go online, temporarily close?

Ohh! Foods has pivoted during this time to ensure we were able to weather the storm, which for us has meant more focus on our online market to allow for a more omni-channel approach. With this focus shift came a new addition for our customers: Ohh! Bites discovery boxes. Through our discovery box, new customers are able to try each of our flavours and decide which is their favourite before investing in a 10-pack case. Try our discovery kit today, with the code SOG10 for 10% off.

What's been the hardest part of this pandemic for you?

Personally, worrying for society and loved ones. However, as a businesswoman, it has given me perspective and time to reflect. This reflection has turned into new company efforts such as reshaping how we connect with current and new stores, restructuring our team to fit the needs of the business, launching new products, and developing new offerings for our online customers. 

What can we as a community do for you?

As a small but mighty business, community is everything to us! We welcome you to follow our Instagram @OhhFoods. Additionally, we would love for you to try our products through our discovery box and leave honest reviews of our bites on our website. 

What advice would you give women?

I think as females, we often have a deep-rooted sense of “I can’t do this”, “What are people going to think of me?” or “I need everything to be perfect before I can do x”. Something I learned early on in my career journey is the art of progress over perfection. There is value in choosing to make progress instead of having everything be perfect 100% of the time. I’m also a big believer in finding quotes that mean something to you and having them around you as a reminder. I have framed quotes on my walls so I can review them daily. There are two quotes that especially move me. “You can’t get what you don’t ask for” - if you want something, ASK for it. The worst outcome is someone saying no. The second quote is, “Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now”. Don’t wait for the ‘right’ things to happen in your life, instead go after what you want with a purpose greater than yourself and take the risks that are needed.

What is your greatest hope right now?

My greatest hope right now is that we all heal individually, and as a community from everything that is currently happening and has happened. I also hope that the world looks at 2020 not as the year that was ‘cancelled’, but as the year that taught us many lessons and shifted our focus to become a better neighbor and community. I want to look at 2020 as the year that community was finally formed and defined. 

What are the 3 things keeping you sane?

Finding things that ground me to my purpose, mission and calling has been very important. Some things that have kept me strong, motivated, and sane during this time include:

1. Our Community: Knowing that there are so many individuals on the Inclusive Snacking journey with us, who are rooting for us to make it through COVID-19 
has been an amazing feeling. 

2. Our Team: Having a shared goal and mission is something that is so powerful, 
it connects you and allows for deeper conversations to happen. 

3. My Family: Having a safe place to go to at the end of each day to ‘download’ 
all of my feelings and fears. Finding solace in simple things such as walks with loved ones has been monumental during this time. 

We are committed to representing a much greater diversity of BIPOC women in this series and we are now asking every female food founder we feature to spotlight a BIPOC woman from their network.

We recently applied for the TruLocal Equal Opportunity Grant, and we are so grateful to have been one of four amazing companies that won. One of the other companies spotlighted is called Girl Gang Strong. Owned by Kyree, a bright 11 year old, Girl Gang Strong is a welcoming and safe space where teenage girls are empowered to love who they are. They create care packages that have numerous self-care items. 




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