Women Supporting Women In Food | Julia Kirouac of Nudfud

Marissa Bronfman

What’s the status of your business? Did you have to pivot, go online, temporarily close?

We at Nudfud have been in hibernation mode for the past month, with our staff furloughed and on-call for when we need to do production. Organic snacks are unfortunately not a category with a massive upswing like paper products, baking ingredients, or canned items during Covid-19. We are focused on building a better e-commerce experience in the interim (which we needed to do anyway!) 

What’s been the hardest part of this pandemic for you?

Can’t complain too much! My life has not been too affected as of late. I still go to work every day. Financially we had some sticky moments due to cash flow and a lack of gov’t help early on. It can always be worse though! 

What can we as a community do for you?

In general, supporting small retailers and small local producers is huge for the local economy. We have seen a shift of wealth going to Amazon, or big box retailers and away from smaller/independent grocers. We have also seen a shift of wealth to processed food manufacturers (as processed foods tend to be cheap and have a long shelf-life), but this of course is not great for local restaurants and artisan food manufacturers like us. Try to be mindful and support local and small, as much as possible! 

What advice would you give women?

Regardless of gender, this is a difficult time for everyone - and for many, the first time a crisis like this has ever been faced. Nonetheless, we will all get through it somehow, but social distancing will be in place for a long while yet! So, make funds last a LOT longer than you initially planned, focus on your best sellers and most profitable items if you can. Build alternate channels for revenue if you can to survive. 

What is your greatest hope right now?

I hope of course that people follow social distancing so we can all get through this sooner and for as few people as possible to be infected by Covid-19. 

I hope widespread testing gets put in place asap, as I see that as one of the few ways back to “normalcy”. 

I hope the economy bounces back as soon as possible. 

I hope small businesses get the funding they need to stay in business throughout Covid-19, as they are the backbone of our whole economy. 

What are the 3 things keeping you sane?

I have a pretty kick-ass partner, so it really feels like normal for both of us right now - until we go to a grocery store!

1. Having time to exercise has been fun.

2. Knowing the weather will get better.

3. Thinking of puppies keeps me sane ;)



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