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Marissa Bronfman

What’s the status of your business? Did you have to pivot, go online, temporarily close? 

We’ve always had an online business but the focus has definitely shifted. When we closed the store in Yorkville, we immediately launch “GG at Your Door” because we couldn’t leave our customers hanging! We’re now seeing an uptick in pick-up requests, which is encouraging, as we will be looking for a new retail space in the fall. We’re also finding that our clients want more product categories from us so we’re excited to be launching a few new home essentials soon!

What’s been the hardest part of this pandemic for you? 

For me it’s seeing small businesses in the restaurant and health/fitness worlds close indefinitely and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel just yet. My family owns restaurants and bars/nightclubs and we all have friends in the fitness industry. The unknown, lack of control and constant change is heartbreaking. What is Toronto without restaurants??

What can we as a community do for you? 

That’s such a great and deeply appreciated question. I think we’ve been doing such a great job at supporting local and I think we just need to keep up the good work and continue to support each other with love, word-of-mouth and orders! Let’s also not be scared to step out of the house but let’s be smart about it! We’re Canadian after all, you can’t keep us from enjoying rosé outdoors once 23C hits but let’s not get carried away and ruin it for everyone.

What advice would you give women? 

This is something I also need to work on and I’ve realized over the last year: It’s ok to ask for help. As women, we have a wired-in pressure to do it all and do it well. I have no doubt that we can be loving moms, build empires, look gorgeous and be great partners/friends/wives/sisters/daughters but sometimes leaning on someone will help you be even better at those jobs. It doesn’t make us weak, it doesn’t make us unable, turns out it makes us more productive and sane!

What is your greatest hope right now? 

A vaccine (!) along with everything going back to a version of “normal” where we have more awareness that everything can change in 24 hours, more gratitude, more willingness to help and to SLOW THE F DOWN.  

What are the 3 things keeping you sane? 

1. Wine (kidding?)

2. Being in New Brunswick and being in nature with my family.

3. Constant sharing and communication with my closest girl friends.

What’s your favorite plant-based recipe?

Fantastic Shishito Peppers

All you need is:

  • 1 package of Shitshito Peppers
  • ½ Lemon (washed)
  • 1 tbs. Fantastic Fat
  • 1 tbs. Olive Oil
  • Pinch of a great salt


  • wash and dry the peppers, then poke them
  • drizzle olive oil in a frying pan, warm up (on medium heat)
  • add peppers and start sautéing!
  • once they start to blister, squeeze the lemon juice and add the ½ lemon into the mix
  • sprinkle salt and continue to sauté
  • once pepper are golden and green, remove from heat
  • put into serving bowl, drizzle the Fantastic Fat with another sprinkle of salt and enjoy!


ELEVATE! We are committed to representing a much greater diversity of BIPOC women in this series and are now asking every female food founder we feature to spotlight a BIPOC woman from their own network.

Charity Morgan has always been a chef I followed for inspiration and general yumminess. While being a plant-based chef, her food is so delicious, a meat-eater wouldn’t notice there was ‘something missing’!




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