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Marissa Bronfman

1. What’s the status of your business? Did you have to pivot, go online, temporarily close?

The status of my business at the moment is "very unstable". In a matter of days we went from a vital and vibrant dine-in and takeout restaurant with a thriving waste-free catering business to losing all of our dine-in traffic, all of our catering orders and most of our takeout. We closed for a few days to make sense of things and we had to lay off most of the team. It's devastating. We're trying to quickly pivot by launching our own delivery program with prepared meals, pantry items and we're going to try our hand at meal kits. We are willing to deliver anywhere in the GTA. 

2. What’s been the hardest part of this pandemic for you?

The lack of predictability, the restaurant world is already unpredictable but there are things we come to expect like lunch rushes and catering orders. Those things are gone. I made myself sick trying to keep the business running and trying to hang onto my amazing team. Eventually I decided to close for a few days so I could gather myself. I needed to get quiet, clear my mind and I kept asking "What's the need, what do people need right now?" I know they need to eat healthy and more than ever they need our medicine, but how do I get it to them safely while also keeping the team and myself safe. It's a tricky situation. 

3. What can we as a community do for you?

I think this applies to all small business, if you need something, anything... produce, games, toilet paper, shampoo buy it from a small business. We don't have financial safety nets, the big box places will be fine, we will not, a small businesses can't live very long like this. Most of us have set up delivery services (also known as the owner will drive your order to your house ourselves) so please take the time to find a local business offering what you need and buy from them.   

4. What advice would you give women?

Welcome to the new world, it's our time. Let's do this. 

5. What is your greatest hope right now?

My greatest hope is that we, the people, will rally via those devices in our hands. Let's talk to each other, let's move together, let's breath and mediate together. We can do this together. 

6. What are the 3 things keeping you sane?

1. My dog Clyde 100% is keeping me sane, from good walks to good snuggles, he keeps me accountable at home.

2. Online movements classes, I've been doing video privates once a week with Rachel McLean, she's funny and incredibly talented a real joy to be around, the MISFITSTUDIO crew is holding it down as always and Body Language, their studio is out of town and I've never been able to check out a class until now, I love those two!

3. And of course food, always fresh foods, hot drinks, green smoothies, that's the magic. 



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