Our Story

Marissa Bronfman in India


I’m Marissa, the Founder of Shot of Gold turmeric blends, and I am so happy you’re here.

After living in Mumbai, India for six years – yes! six magical years – I moved back to Toronto and knew I wanted to start a social impact business in the health food space that would keep me connected to India and give back to girls.

I quickly noticed that turmeric, known as haldi in India, had become trendy in the West during the years I was living in the East, which is where and when I had learned all about its incredible anti-inflammatory properties. My absolute favorite food in the whole wide world is yellow dal, dal tadka, a simple Indian lentil soup bursting with flavor and, you guessed it, turmeric.

Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years to prevent and treat just about every ailment under the sun, and many researchers and scientists credit India’s historically low rates of Alzheimer’s and various cancers to their daily turmeric consumption. You will find turmeric in every single Indian kitchen, in many (if not most) delicious Indian dishes and on the skin of every bride in every big, fat Indian wedding.

Whether you’re looking to prevent or alleviate aches and pains related to exercise and sport, boost your overall immunity during COVID and cold & flu season, brighten your skin, whiten your teeth – or perhaps all of the above – I’ve created three certified organic and fair-trade turmeric blends to do it all, without the mess and stubborn stains commonly associated with this powerful superfood.

We give a portion of every single sale back to schoolgirls in India through our inspiring and trusted charity partner, Magic Bus. I travelled to India in 2018 to visit two communities that they operate their Childhood To Livelihood programs in, one in an urban Mumbai slum and the other in a rural Maharashtrian village, and was so impressed with their transparency, dedication and impact, that I knew they were the right partner for Shot of Gold.

Help us send our first big donation to girls in India! We are coming close to the end of our very first batch of turmeric pouches. Once we are sold out, we will be sending 5% of everything we’ve made back to India to support the education and empowerment of Indian schoolgirls. I know our turmeric will change your life and theirs.

Thank you and stay golden,