• Turmeric and Jaggery

Turmeric and Jaggery


Pure, all-natural small-batch turmeric and sweet jaggery from India. Never heard of jaggery before? This healthy, unrefined sweetener is made from cane sugar and date palm, boasts far more nutrients than regular sugar and has a deep, delicious flavor. Use our turmeric and jaggery shots in golden mylk, turmeric lattes, oatmeal, smoothie bowls and anything else you can think of!

PRE-ORDER NOTICE: This item is still in the manufacturing process and we are working our very hardest to have them ready as soon as possible. We do not yet have an estimated shipping date for this product but your pre-order ensures you’ll snag one of our first pouches. We will be sharing updates on social media as we have them, as well as by email. Thank you SO MUCH for your support and patience. It means everything to us. Thank you! #futureisgolden